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Omicron is an OSIsoft partner
Omicron provides process control consulting using OSIsoft PI and SharePoint
Omicron tackles tough SharePoint consulting assignments
Omicron provides OSIsoft PI consulting for Oil and Gas Production
Omicron provides OSIsoft PI and SharePoint consulting for food production and other commodities
Omicron helps mines and process manufacturers implement environmental monitoring and reporting through OSIsoft PI and SharePoint
Omicron has been working with oil refineries since the mid-1990's and created the prototype for OSIsoft PI ProcessBook
Many pharmaceutical companies rely upon Omicron for advanced consulting on OSIsoft PI and SharePoint
Electric power utilities choose Omicron for complex OSIsoft PI and SharePoint consulting
Omicron helps clients monitor storage and truck and barge loading and unloading through OSIsoft PI and SharePoint.
Omicron provides OISsoft PI and SharePoint consulting services to pipelines and electrical transmission and distribution opeations
Omicron builds quality assurance applications for process manufacturers by using OISsoft PI and SharePoint.

Expert Consulting for Companies Using OSIsoft PI, .NET and SharePoint

Omicron is Focused: OSIsoft PI, .NET and SharePoint

We pride ourselves in providing expert consulting services, therefore we stay focused on our core applications and technologies. We do not accept general consulting engagements. Yes, we can and will bring in experts in other technologies to support our projects - but we will not dilute our core competency areas. Yes, we have relationships with select partners who provide applications that augment OSIsoft or SharePoint. We choose them because of their outstanding value to our client base.

OSIsoft PI and Omicron - Decades Long Relations


The OSIsoft PI System is the world's leading application for managing real-time data and events for utilities, IT, energy, life sciences and process industries. OSIsoft PI figures prominently in over 80% of our work and our senior staff have worked with OSIsoft PI clients since the early 1990's. Our expertise covers integration, custom .NET applications, service checks and performance optimization. We've used OSIsoft PI in applications as diverse as refinery operations monitoring, environmental protection and data center performance management (check out our case studies).

Microsoft Technology Stack (.NET) and SharePoint

Omicron has worked with Microsoft's .NET Framework and SharePoint from their first release dates. We take pride in the technological depth and complexity of the assignments we accept from our clients. Our assignments include helping our clients transition from old technology to the latest and creating GapWareTM to fill the void between what a package offers and what our client needs.

Process Industries are Omicron's Primary Focus

Omicron has worked with over 400 companies, mostly in process industries including oil and gas exploration, production and refining, plus electrical power generation and distribution, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and food processing. Besides working with our clients' core manufacturing processes, we've helped with ancillary areas including environmental monitoring, storage and shipping, quality assurance and data center monitoring. OSIsoft PI is involved in over 80% of our assignments.

Types of Services Provided

By having a well-defined focus and by hiring industry veterans, Omicron is able to offer services that few other firms can attempt to provide. Often, our deep knowledge of OSIsoft PI, .NET and SharePoint enable us to identify codeless solutions that others miss. When custom coding is necessary, our deep functional and technical experience within our focus area enables our team to create solutions that cut administrative efforts and expand business benefits generated by these packages. Our services include:

  • Custom interfaces for OSIsoft PI and related applications.
  • Migration to AF and EF
  • One-Clic
  • k Installion facilities for use with OSIsoft PI and all related software, supporting upgrades and new installs.
  • Sophisticated visualization and reporting involving packages such as SharePoint, Coresight, Factory Studio, and others.
  • Moving statistical calculations from manual Excel spreadsheets to automatic .NET routines.
  • Detailed design and configuration for new OSIsoft PI clients.
  • Custom training and hands-on support (see FlexCare)

Process Control:

OSIsoft PI System

OSIsoft PI configuration and programming for process control firmsExpert consulting for OSIsoft PI customers

The OSIsoft PI System is the world's leading application for managing real-time data and events for utilities, IT, energy, life sciences and process industries. Our senior staff has worked with OSIsoft and PI System clients since the early 1990's.


Case Studies


Examples of the support services Omicron provides to OSIsoft PI and Microsoft SharePoint customers.Our OSIsoft PI client case studies

These case studies provide examples of how Omicron strives to deliver exceptional value to its customers. Call us at 609-678-0110 to explore how our SharePoint, OSIsoft PI and .NET services can help your company improve performance and cut cost.


Business Information

Microsoft SharePoint

Consulting services for SharePoint clients

SharePoint contains powerful tools for code-less application development and integration straight from the box. However, coupling it with add-in components, custom enhancements and advanced configuration can greatly increase the business value you receive.

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