Omicron Development LLC is a privately held company, part of the Pimsoft Group and a registered System Integrator partner of OSIsoft, now part of Aveva.  The activities of the company span all the aspects of implementing, maintaining, integrating, supporting, and using the OSIsoft PI System.


We concentrate on the OSIsoft PI System practice and rely on best of breed layered solutions from our technology partners to address the needs of customers and develop solutions that meet their needs. We resort to custom development to close the gaps between commercial off the shelf solutions and the requirements of customers when this is the only and best option.


Our senior staff have more than 25 years of experience working with the OSIsoft PI System, across multiple industries. We continue to maintain and expand our OSIsoft PI and Microsoft .NET consulting and custom application capabilities.


We help our customers meet their business and operational needs, objectives, and goals by focusing on the three (3) main aspects of information management in process and manufacturing industries:

  • Ensuring that data collection infrastructure is robust, secure and resilient.
  • Integrating all the aspects of collecting, validating, processing, and organizing streaming data and events to maximize the usability of information for users, business processes, other applications.
  • Addressing the gaps between data and the targeted business outcomes and developing fit for purpose solutions to close these gaps.

The consulting we provide and the solutions we propose are backed by a guarantee of long-term support and maintenance to ensure their perennity.

Why Omicron

If your goal is leveraging the capabilities of the OSIsoft PI System to create incremental value and drive continuous improvement in your organization, then Omicron is your partner of choice.

Core principles


Why we exist

We believe good data and information management practices in the process and manufacturing industries can create value for our customers and improve the overall efficiency and sustainability of manufacturing operations.


How we conduct business

We build lasting relationships that create tangible and enduring value for our customers by listening carefully, being responsive and dedicated.


What we do

We create value for customers by enabling the use of streaming data and events to drive operational and business excellence. We accomplish this by Imagining, Developing & Evolving solutions that meld information technology & innovative ideas using the OSIsoft PI System and best of breed layered applications.

Businessman draws a structure of core values against the background of the city panorama.


How we impact our customers

We augment the ROI of customers using the OSIsoft PI Infrastructure by developing solutions that close the gaps between using PI data and achieving strategic operational and business goals.


How we measure our success

We measure our success by how many times a customer refers us to another customer.  Being referred and recommended to another customer because of the value we bring is the highest level of recognition achievable for our team.