Utility for migrating Performance Equations to AF Analytics released:
I will demo it at PI World

Migrating Performance Equations to AF Analytics programmatically will be the subject of my presentation at PI World on Wednesday, April 25, 2018 at 2:30 PM in PARC 55, Cyril Magnin II. OSIsoft has just released the PE2AF tool of which Omicron is the principal developer.

If the complexity and enormity of migrating PE’s to Asset Analytics has slowed your company’s migration of your existing PI applications, then this is a talk you should attend.  I’ll review what the tool does to make the migration easier and how the tool will support you in verifying that the AF Analytics will provide a faithful replication of the results you have been getting from PE’s. After demoing its capabilities, I’ll entertain your questions from the floor.

The PI PE to AF Analytics Migration (PE2AF) Utility consists of a single executable that can be run from any PI client (server, desktop or laptop with the PI AF client installed, version 2015 or later).

I encourage you to check out the tool in advance on GitHub and come ready to ask any questions you may have. See it at OSIsoft GitHub PE to AF Migration Utility​