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Licensor: Pimsoft

Solution Area: Data Conditioning


Product Overview

Sigmafine implements model-based data validation, reconciliation and conditioning. It handles the classic use cases of production accounting, loss accounting, energy balance as well as scenarios of performance analysis, composition and quality tracking, allocations found in advanced manufacturing strategies. Sigmafine supports the entire process from the definition of a raw dataset, the associated data collection and processing rules, model building, and generating a reconciled and conditioned dataset, called a case.


  • Reduces the margin of errors for critical and strategic datasets used in business process automation, decision making and digital transformation initiative
  • Monitors meter performance to drive condition-based maintenance for meters and analysers
  • Meter performance data can also be used to justify improvements in measurement systems to reduce uncertainty
  • Handles the fiscal and compliance requiremenys for production, inventory, loss and emissions data


  • Native integration with the OSIsoft PI System using the Asset Framework
  • Automated workflow to collect, reconcile, analyze and publish case data
  • Automated Publish to PI and RDBMS of reconciled and conditionned data
  • Audit trail of adjustements and case locking

System Requirements

  • Windows Server 2012 R2 or Later
  • PI Server 2012 or Later
  • PI AF 2.9
  • MS SQL Server


  • Proof of Concepts (POC's) available to develop business case and evaluate potential benefits
  • Remote installation & Configuration available
  • Workshop approach to generate the model definition and the configuration requirements
  • Features

  • Built-in tools for data collection from PI and other third party systems using standard methods
  • Built-in schedule to automate the workflow
  • Web client to view, run and analyze cases
  • Supports multiple sites, multiple database, multiple models
  • Reconciled analysis includes mass, energy, combined mass & energy and components
  • Additional analysis such as quality tracking, thermodynamics, property tracking available for advanced use cases
  • SQL publisher to enable the integration of case data into data wharehouse and other BI platform like PBI and Tableau
  • Excelladd-in for report building by users

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