Product Overview

TrendMiner is a high performance enterprise wide self service data analysis platform designed for streaming data and events and able to support the entire life-cycle of data analysis in the process industries:  Analyze, Monitor and Predict.  TrendMiner is for anyone who is working with process data to troubleshoot operations, improve perfornance and product quality, drive continous improvement, innovate,  reduce energy and utilities costs, etc.


  • Accelerate root cause analysis
  • Antipicate changes and variations in the process
  • Generate early warnings
  • Overall operational performance improvement


  • Install and configure. No coding
  • Role based model
  • Improved collaboration

Systems Requirements (minimum)

  • IIS Server
  • MS SQL Server
  • Processor - 8 Cores
  • Memore - 32 GB
  • HHD - 500 GB


  • Installed and configured remotely
  • On premise and SaaS deployment


  • In context and interactive data analysis
  • Google like search
  • Pattern identification
  • Native integration with the OSIsoft PI Sytem with extensibility to other data table and file based data sources
  • Supports reporting and dashboarding and well as integration in third part dashboards
  • Uses Asset Framework
  • Embedded collaboration and notification functionnalities
  • 24/7 support and on line training


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Transform your streaming OSIsoft PI system data & events into tangible business and operational outcomes.

Omicron Development LLC is an authorized partner of TrendMiner N.V.

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