Avoiding downtime & production slowdowns in Mining & Metallurgy

In mining & metallurgy, downtime & production slowdowns are significant events; how to avoid them

Discover how the OSIsoft PI System and RtDUET can drive productivity by reducing the occurrence of these events

March 5th, 2020 ,14:00 ET US

Downtime and slowdown in mining and metallurgical operations are significant events. They result in tons of materials not moving, heavy machinery becoming idle, supply chains disruption, and expensive repairs.

Understanding and acting on the root causes of downtime and slowdown begins with measuring their occurrences, all of them, systematically tracking the location and the reasons and correlating this data with the operational data in the OSIsoft PI System to create a path of continuous improvement.

This webinar is about the stories of mining and metallurgical companies like Barrick Gold, Nutrien, Rio Tinto who are using RtDUET for downtime monitoring, tracking and analysis and computing essential and actionable OEE KPI’s.

RtDUET is a bolt-on application for the OSIsoft PI System which uses Asset Analytics, Asset Framework (AF) and Event Frames (EF) to capture down time and slowdown events and compute the relevant analytics.


By attending this webinar, you will discover how:

  • RtDUET KPI Toolbox streamlines the process of creating the asset performance KPI’s
  • RtDUET users easily and reliably track downtime and slowdown events and log reason codes and other important information critical to the root cause analysis
  • RtDUET KPI engine and reporting services simplify and streamline reporting and benchmarking OEE data across the enterprise


By adopting RtDUET, you will get the following benefits:

  • Maximize availability, productivity and reliability of machinery, equipment and production units
  • Identify root causes of failure more easily and more rapidly
  • Streamline the data collection process to ensure that virtually all events, small and big, are tracked. This will enable early detection preventing costly down time and slow downs
  • Support the implementation of CBM and RCM initiatives for asset optimisation by providing the baseline measurements required to measure improvements

RtDUET installs rapidly following a proven methodology which incorporates a workshop with the stakeholders to ensure it is well integrated with your processes.

Take control of downtime and production slowdowns with RtDUET to increase productivity in your mining and metallurgical operations.

About the Presenters

Matt Linsay

Matt Lindsay is a Project Manager at Actemium, located in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

Matt has 13 + years of experience working with the OSIsoft PI system in the mining and consulting fields as a process engineer and implementing solutions involving downtime, process improvement and real-time operations management. He is the OSIsoft club administrator at Actemium in Canada and uses the OSIsoft PI System to deliver enhanced operational intelligence to his clients so they can uncover hidden potential in their business.

Matt holds a Bachelor of Metallurgical Engineering from Dalhousie University in Halifax, NS.

Jefferey Milton

Jeffrey Milton is Operations Manager at RtTech Software, from  Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

With a career spanning over 35 years in IT, Jeff has gained valuable hands-on experience in software development, process improvement, project management, and IT management. Jeff’s career began with 10 years as an application developer, creating mission-critical applications for a large wholesale and retail organization, gaining the ability to build, and successfully implement, large systems in complex business environments.  Jeff smoothly transitioned into IT management where he spent several years managing the Systems Development department and eventually, held the position of Director of Information Technology.  Jeff’s hands-on approach and his previous experience in software development provide the foundation for how he manages his teams. His positive attitude, results-driven professionalism, and exceptional customer service enables RtTech to deliver industry-leading software to its valued customers.

Jeff is a Computer Programming graduate from the New Brunswick Community College in St John, New Brunswick, Canada.

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