Webinar: Discover how Timeseer.AI can transform time series data management in manufacturing

September 20th, 2022 at 9:30 US Central Time

Industry 4.0 technology concept - Smart factory for fourth industrial revolution with icon graphic showing automation system by using robots and automated machinery controlled via internet network .

Getting started with a structural approach to sensor data quality management

Sensors and sensor data are at the heart of any manufacturing and IOT/IIOT system. This data is the basis for all Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and other digital applications supporting data-driven optimizations.  The more we are depending on data, the more vulnerable we will be to sensor data reliability and quality challenges. During this webinar,  we will explain why sensor data quality will be blocking the adoption of data-driven strategies, and how to get started with a fundamental approach to sensor data quality management.

This webinar is sponsored by Omicron Development LLC, an OSIsoft system integrator dedicated to closing the gap between data and results for the process industries.

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By attending this webinar, you will discover how:

  • Why sensor data quality is a pre-requisite for scalable AI/ML deployment
  • How (poor) sensor data quality  is impacting your business
  • How to start with a pro-active and structural approach to sensor data quality management


By adopting the Timeseer.AI Data Quality Management solution, you will get:

  • An easy way to automatically determine your baseline quality scoring
  • A complete solution for monitoring all aspects of sensor data quality
  • A configurable way to set up data services for cleaned and augmented data
  • A platform that will integrate seamlessly into any modern data stack

September 20th, 2022 at 9:30 US Central Time

About the Presenters

Bert Baeck, CEO, and Co-Founder of Timeseer

Bert is co-founder and CEO of "Timeseer.AI". Before, he worked as a partner in a technology Venture Capital firm for three years (Smartfin Capita- $400M AUM). Bert is also one of the founders of Trendminer, acquired by Software AG in 2018, where he became CEO in 2014. Bert started his career (2004) in the chemical industry, working as a data expert for Covestro. Bert holds a master's in computer science with a major in AI. He currently holds Board positions at several technology companies such as Versasense, Locatee, and Rombit.

Adriaan van Horenbeek, Director Customer Success, Timeseer

Adriaan holds master's degrees in electromechanical engineering (2008) and industrial management (2009) and received a Ph.D. (2013) in mechanical engineering at the University of Leuven for research on predictive maintenance. He worked for two years as an industry asset management consultant for Stork, a Fluor company. For six years he held the position of manufacturing lead customer advisory in Western Europe at SAS. At the beginning of this year, he joined Timeseer as director of customer success. Adriaan has more than ten years of experience in making an impact with data and advanced analytics in manufacturing.

About Timeseer.AI - Timeseer is a software company specializing in sensor data quality management. It provides a platform that detects and prioritizes data defects to facilitate the investigation and resolution of data quality issues before they impact business and operations negatively.