Alarms & Events Management

Integrated Management of Alarm & Events

An essential function in Smart Manufacturing

In a digitally transforming world, Alarms & Events (A&E) are no longer the domain of operators.  A&E’s have become a valuable source of data and information creating a unique set of challenges and an opportunities.


Reduce risks

Better control and management of A&E's will reduce the risk of injury, accident involving people, equipment and communities.

Improve uptime

Further insights into A&E's and contextualization with operational parameters will improve uptime and availability of equipement and facilitate the traceabilty of faults

Simplify incident analysis & investigation

Using a ommon system of records for A&E's and a common analysis framework will accelerate incident and investigation analysis and prompt notifications of stakeholders.

Improved Situational Awareness & Responsiveness 

An integrated environment for the simultaneous near realt-time management of A&E's along with the corresponding streaming data from the OSIsoft PI System increases the situational awareness and the responsiveness of everyone is operations.



Deal with multiple sources of messages and logs

A&E’s messages can originate from control systems, each one having it own specificities, smart sensors & devices, system & application logs, fault handling systems, etc. Plant historians also generate A&E’s of their own.  In the case of the PI System this involves PI Notifications and the PI Alarm Subsystem.

Managing partially structured data

Although A&E messages tend to follow industry standards like ANSI/ISA 18.2 or AINSI/ISA 88, a holistic approach requires the application of parsing rules which vary by source and type of messages.


How does one correleate messages from different sources with the corresponding streaming data in order to pinpoint faults rapidly.

Identify Areas of Improvements

Analytics and KPI's are key to analyse patterns, identify areas of improvements, benchmarking, improve security, safety and reliability.


Roadmap to success

The roadmap to a successfull solution involves understanding of the requirements, assessing the degree of fitness of commercial off the shelf solutions vs custom built solution, gap analysis, design, implementation and validation of benefits.  Omicron Development is the trusted partner that will accompany you in this journey.

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