News: Pimsoft’s new SigmafineHub is released

Say Hello to SigmafineHub, the first Digital Asset Factory of its kind in the industry


Pimsoft, a technology partner of Omicron, announces today the launch of a new product in the Sigmafine® family, SigmafineHub®.  SigmafineHub is the result of two (2) years of investment in developing a unique and innovative platform that can transform streaming data and events into Digital Assets. SigmafineHub is how Pimsoft accompanies customers in their digital transformation journey by providing a scalable, extensible, and adaptive framework for model-based data analysis.

In the world of model-based analytics, building the model is most important investment. For this reason, SigmafineHub is compatible with existing Sigmafine models and includes a display conversion service enabling web-based visualization and interactions with any models built using the standard Sigmafine model building and visualization add-ins.

SigmafineHub is available now and can be added as an extension of any Sigmafine 4.x system. Pimsoft offers a SigmafineHub Installation and Quick Start service package that can transform the experience of Sigmafine users in a short time frame through the adoption of the first SigmafineHub WebApp, called SigmafineVisualizer®.

Contact us or Schedule an enquiry to explore the capabilities of SigmafineHub now or register for the Virtual Sigmafine Summit 2021 to discover all the SigmafineHub WebApps on the Sigmafine roadmap.  Soon you will hear about SigmafineStudio, opening a whole new range of capabilities.  Stay informed by subscribing to our news update.

If you are not familiar with Sigmafine and would like to know more about the transformation of streaming data and event in digital assets that can assert economic significance to your information, call us immediately and we will introduce you to the Sigmafine technology and its suite of products.

Sigmafine is a native layered applicaiton using the OSIsoft PI System AF to deliver model based data validation, reconciliation and conditioning for use by people, other applications, adavanced analytics and business processes.

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