Webinar: Automating PI Data Validation for the OSIsoft PI System

Featuring EMI'S Tag Data Validator solution


Date: July 15th 2020, 10:00 Central US Time

We are pleased to announce another Omicron webinar featuring best practices and best of breed applications for users of the OSIsoft PI system.  This time, we adress the challenge of ensuring the reliablity and usability of streaming data.

Data defects are omnipresent in the sensor-based process industries.  Detecting and addressing data defects as they occur is essential to achieving the level of data quality needed to sustain ad improve operations and secure the desired business outcome. This task is beyond the capability of human vigilance and requires continuous attention due the real-time nature of streaming data & events.

The weapon of choice for this combat is software that can monitor, identify, alert and address data quality issues.  Tag Data Validator (TDV) is specifically designed to carry out this task for the OSIsoft PI System.

About Tag Data Validator

Tag Data Validator (TDV) takes care of checking and tracking incoming data into the OSIsoft PI System to detect data defects that can compromise data quality and impact operations and business negatively.  TDV presents its result in an HTML5 interactive overview dashboard  making it easy for users to pinpoint problematic instrument tags, interfaces and PI tags the moment they occur.

About Engineering & Marketing International

Engineering & Marketing International (EMI) is an established provider of high-end technology solutions in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA).  EMI has partnered with Omicron for the sale and support of solutions designed for the OSIsoft PI System in the USA.

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