Tag Data Validator

Product Overview

Tag Data Validator (TDV) takes care of checking and tracking incoming data into the OSIsoft PI System to detect data defects that can compromise data quality and impact operations and business negatively.

TDV presents its result in an HTML5 interactive overview dashboard  making it easy for users to pinpoint problematic instrument tags, interfaces and PI tags the moment they occur.


  • TDV works in the background to maximize the quality of incoming data into the OSIsoft PI System
  • Provides clear indicators of both the type of data defects and their location
  • Increase the reliability and the performance of business process dependent on PI Data
  • TDV carries out a very important first step of data cleansing which is critical for the success of many digital transformation initiatives


  • TDV Implements a systematic and uniform set of rules across all OSIsoft PI Servers
  • TDV minimizes the labor required to manually implement data validation rules.

Systems Requirements

  • Windows Server 2012 R2 or Later
  • PI Server 2012 or Later
  • PI AF Server 2012 or Later
  • MongoDB V4.0.4


  • TDV can be installed and configured remotely


  • Data Cleansing Service to mark un-trustful real-time data as Questionable directly in the PI Data Archive.
  • Annotate Questionable Values in the PI Data Archive with the reason of marking.
  • Calculate Hourly Averages for equipment or Assets excluding Bad and Questionable Values.
  • Real time Synchronization of your AF Database with your Relational Data Store (SQL, Oracle, MongoDB)
  • Back filling tools.
  • Real-time HTML5 Charts with zooming and panning support.
  • Extra Fast Data Retrieval by MongoDB.
  • Charts that support exporting, annotating and printing.
  • System Exposed as Rest Services for third party integration.
  • Checks performance by TDV are:
    • Below Range Values: Values that are below the “Zero” of the tag
    • Above Range Values: Values that are above the (“Zero” +”Span”) of the tag
    • Frozen Values: Values that get the same reading for more than a predefined number of times
    • Noisy Values: Values whose standard deviation over a predefined period is larger than a configured threshold
    • System Default Errors: Values that are in “System Default Errors” digital state
    • Null Values: String tags that receive empty string values

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