Omicron Development LLC provides add-in products and consulting services for Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365 and OSISoft PI System environments. We place special emphasis on providing quality and well-architected IT solutions because of the engineering backgrounds of our leadership team. Each of our executives has more than 25 years experience working with medium to large clients in designing, developing and deploying information technology. Our leaders take pride in having a history of melding visionary ideas with state-of-the-art technology to create practical and successful business applications

Operational Information

OSIsoft PI System

The PI System is the world’s leading application for managing real-time data and events for utlities, IT, energy, life sciences and process industries. Our senior staff has worked with OSIsoft and PI System clients since the early 1990’s.


Benefit from our staff’s more than 25 years of experience with the PI System. Our expertise covers integration, custom applications, service checks and performance optimization. We’ve used PI in applications as diverse as refinery operations monitoring, environmental protection and data center performance management (check out our case studies).


Custom PI interfaces and applications are sometimes necessary to fully utilize the PI system. Our staff’s deep knowledge of PI helps to ensure that our customizations truly complement PI’s capabilities and architecture.


As great as PI is, corporate management and government agencies often require data be summarized and displayed in formats that aren’t achievable within PI. We have leveraged our PI and SharePoint expertise to develop many codeless solutions to satisfy these requirements.

Business Information

Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint contains powerful tools for codeless application development and integration straight from the box. However, coupling it with add-in components, custom enhancements and advanced configuration can greatly increase the business value you receive.


Benefit from our staff’s extensive experience in consulting on successful projects for mid-size and large companies in a wide variety of industries. We have deep knowledge of project management, Information Technology and software application development and deployment. We’ve been working with SharePoint and ASP.NET since their first publication.


Customization is often necessary to bring out the full potential of the SharePoint product. We strive to stay true to the goal of “codeless” development, not deviating from SharePoint’s features unless no other option is available.


Our library of pre-developed and tested SharePoint components and utilities can speed your web part development and ease your SharePoint administration tasks.

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