Automating PI Tag Data Validation for the OSIsoft PI System

Does catching bad data before they are impacting operations and business negatively matters to you?

Find out how  EMI's Tag Data Validator addresses this challenge

July 15th, 10:00 US Central Time

Data defects are omnipresent in the sensor-based process industries.  Detecting and addressing data defects as they occur is essential to achieving the level of data quality needed to sustain ad improve operations and secure the desired business outcome. This task is beyond the capability of human vigilance and requires continuous attention due the real-time nature of streaming data and events.

The weapon of choice for this combat is software that can monitor, identify, alert and address data quality issues.  EMI's Tag Data Validator (TDV) is specifically designed to carry out this task for the OSIsoft PI System.


By attending this webinar, you will discover how Tag Data Validator:

  • Monitors, identifies and analyses data defects
  • Streamlines the process of minimizing the impact of data defects
  • Provides tools to repair & backfill data when possible
  •  Can scale to a large fleet of OSIsoft PI Systems


By adopting Tag Data Validator, you will get the following benefits:

  • Data Quality will always be maximized with minimal effort
  • Dashboard with actionable data quality KPI’s to guide the development of permanent fixes for the most critical defects
  • Most importantly, improved operational and business performance resulting from more reliable streaming data and events

Listen to this webinar and discover how easy it is to set up TDV and drastically improve the quality of streaming data and events from the OSIsoft PI System

About the presenters


Joseph Hajj Moussa is Techncal Manager at EMI based in Beirut, Lebanon.

He combines 11 years of technical and project experiences and holds multiple Microsoft Technology Certificates Specialist in both Web application development and Certified programming in HTML 5, Java Script and CSS3.

During his career, Joseph managed technical projects, led challenging and critical of mid-size & big- size projects, and delivered training to professionals introducing multiple technologies including the PI system to clients with different background and countries.  Today, he is responsible to enhance EMI's products and platform to address new technology trends such as Big Data, AI and Machine learning.

Joseph holds a Master Degree in Computer Software Engineering from Antonin University in Baabda, Lebanon.


Oussama Chehimi is Regional Operations Manager at EMI based in Beirut, Lebanon.

Under his leadership, EMI has successfully introduced innovative engineering services, turnkey solutions and applications for Oil & Gas, Power, Petrochemical and Water industries in the Middle East.  Oussama has more than 15 years’ experience in the industries starting in 2004 in power generation at DTE Energy in the USA. Since joining EMI, he has worked in the O&G, Petrochemicals and Utilities in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Oussama worked in various capacities such as Maintenance, Reliability, and optimization engineer. He was also instrumental in developing engineering and automated solutions with EMI products and projects in MENA. He presented and participated in multiple international conference introducing technologies, process standardization across enterprises, and OSIsoft process automation and integrated platforms.

Oussama holds a master degree in Electrical Engineering from the Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.

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