Case Studies

​These case studies are examples of how Omicron strives to deliver value to its customers. Our clients rely on us to deliver state-of-the-art solutions involving complex configuration and the minimum gapware required to extend the capabilities of the OSIsoft PI System and integrate it with best of breed applications.

Always, our goal is to use our deep knowledge of OSIsoft PI, Microsoft and other softare packages to simply configure the target environment to satisfy our customer's needs. Where configuration is not enough, we use our extensive .NET skills to fill the gaps between what the packages do and what our customer needs.

Data Historian Infrastructure Monitoring

Omicron offers Productivity ​Solutions for the Complex World of OSIsoft PI​. Companies quickly become dependent upon the tremendous benefits OSIsoft PI® provides Operations Management. They want it to operate constantly without failure. Yet like all things created by humans, bad things can happen. Omicron works with its clients to set up PI to be as …

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Monitoring Unmanned Facilities

Situation: A company is a worldwide leader in providing slurries to its customers’ industrial operations.  The company adds value to its slurries by creating an embedded facility at each customer’s plant and performing maintenance on the embedded facility.  OSIsoft PI is used to monitor the status of the facilities via the PITag data gathered from …

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Omicron Slashes Network Analysis Effort with PI

Tuning an enterprise application network becomes increasingly complex and difficult as the enterprise grows.  Typically, the IT staff has increasing numbers of users, applications and locations to support along with more automated devices such as ATMs and intelligent devices.  Formerly, administrators were monitoring a handful of servers, but increased usage of collaboration software and smartphone …

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ProcessBook Display

Displaying a Plant’s Graphic Image: Genesis of ProcessBook

Small portion of a ProcessBook display for a plant. In the 1990’s, Omicron was instrumental in conceiving how PI could be used to support engineers at any location in a plant. Today, OSIsoft’s ProcessBook is capable of displaying much more sophisticated images than this example. Omicron has worked on dozens of projects to optimize the …

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Custom Interfaces and IoT

No matter how new your electronics equipment is, it always seems as though the world is moving so fast that you don’t have the type of interface you need. That is true with both home entertainment and industrial equipment. Even worse, as much of a challenge as evolving physical connections may be, software compatibility and …

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Centrally Monitoring Global Oil Refining Operations

Omicron has a solid track record of helping oil refineries get the most out of OSIsoft PI. The history begins over 20 years ago, when Omicron has tasked by a New Jersey refinery to develop a method by which engineers and operations personnel could view PI data from nearly any location around the refinery. That …

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Reducing Maintenance on Environmental Reporting

Recordkeeping can be a pain, especially when it comes to tracking and keeping instantly-accessible various compliance summaries for regulatory and enforcement bodies.  Often, companies start with a simple spreadsheet containing a few hundred cells of calculated information.  It’s easily maintained by an engineer.  But then it grows – and grows again, especially if the plant …

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Offshore Production Monitoring

Omicron has helped multiple North Sea customers achieve great economies of scale by monitoring oil and gas production for hundreds of oil wells in multiple fields from an onshore center. OSIsoft PI and Microsoft SharePoint were central to these projects and Omicron’s consulting efforts were crucial in the successful implementation. In one instance, the application …

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