Solution Areas

Certain solutions transcend industries because they are universally accepted best practices and  essential enterprise functions.  At Omicron we have chosen to build our business around some of these important solution areas:  Alarms & Events Management, Content Management & Visualization, Data Conditioning and Analysis and Asset Performance. Consistent with our history and mission we concentrate on best of breed applications of our Partners, Microsoft technologies and the OSIsoft PI System to deliver integrated turnkey solutions.

Alarms & Events Management

Alarms and events generated by control systems and the OSIsoft PI Systems are critical information.  Because they originate from different sources, we need to merge them in a manner that abstracts the differences and enable easy correlation with operational data and easy analysis. For this purpose we chose the Alarm Sentinel solution of Dimension Software Ltd. which is a solution that fits most integration context in the process industries, out of the box.  Alarm Sentinel also implements industry standard KPI's. which are considered best practices.


Asset Performance

Asset performance is the number one topic in the process and manufacturing industries.  Everyone transpose and adapts Overall Equipment Efficiency concepts to their situations which are all unique but use the same common industry standards. For monitoring Asset performance, we chose the RtDUET application of RtTech Software because of its ease and speed of implementation and because it fits in place in the majority of continuous and discrete manufacturing operations through configuration only.


Content Management

In Smart Manufacturing, content management is key to enabling workers to collaborate and perform in continuous improvement activities.  It involves dealing multiple data types, data presentations, documents, drawings, external references like weather and prices, charting and trending, ad-hoc analysis and specialized visualization, etc. Example of the later is geolocalized presentation of streaming data and events for which we use the Real-Time GIS product. The needs of users change every day because the problems and challenges are in constant evolution.  For this solution area we have chosen Asset Intellect, a product of Dimension Software Limited which integrates OSIsoft PI and non OSIsoft PI content in a single portal.

Data Conditioning & Analysis

In the age of Digital Transformation data quality takes a whole new meaning. It has evolved from a "zero-defects" strategy to a "fitness for use" strategy which is best served by model based data validation and reconciliation.  For this purpose we implement Sigmafine and Tag Data Validator, which system of checks and balances based on data cleansing rules, statistics and engineering principles that can Monitor, assemble, transform and condition datasets suitable for digital transformation.  Data Analysis is the other imperative. It is important to provide technical staff with the best tools and systems to drive innovation and continuous improvement.  For this purpose, we work with TrendMiner, the leader is self-serve analytics.


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