Analytics Options for OSIsoft PI Users

Discover how Alarm Sentinel can ease the task of corelating PI data with Alarms and Events

February 20th, 14:00 US Central Time

This webinar features Alarm Sentinel a layered OSIsoft PI Application from Dimension Software designed to collect, organize and analyze alarms from control systems and alerts generated by the OSIsoft PI System.

It uses OSIsoft’s Asset Framework (AF), Event Frames and standard Alarms & Event interfaces to implement the ISA TR18.2 and EEMUA 192 standards for alarm management and analysis in the process industries.


By attending this webinar, you will discover how:

  • Alarm Sentinel integrates both alarms and events into a comprehensive solution serving the needs of operators, supervisors, managers and field technicians
  • Alarm Sentinel is architecture for rapid implementation and ease of user
  • Alarm Sentinel generates near real-time analysis and notifications with minimal configuration effort.


By adopting Alarm Sentinel, you will get the following benefits:

  • Take the pain out of managing alarms and events from disparate systems
  • An unique system or records for all alarms and events easibly accessible via a web Interface by all users
  • Normalize alarms and alerts management across multiple assets
  • Automation and notifications of pattern recognitions like Fleeting, Standing, Flooding, etc.

The implementation of an Alarm Sentinel solution is rapid and easy. The implementation methodology has been proven through more than a customer installations.

If getting ahead of Alarms and Alerts is your challenge, Alarm Sentinel can make the difference.

David Barker

About the Presenter

David Barker is Managing Director and principal of Dimension Software based in Auckaland, New Zealand

David started his career as an automation/control systems engineer in 1995, developing programs and interface to PLC’s and SCADA systems.  His interest eventually shifted to IT and he worked as a Software Engineer for 8 years at OSIsoft, the makers of the OSIsoft Pi System.  He went on to create Dimension Software in 2008 with the mission to improve how users can take advantage of PI and non-PI data in an integrated environment.

Today, the company offers two main products: Alarm Sentinel and Asset Intellect, a content management system for the process industries.

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OSIsoft and the PI System are registered trademarks of OSIsoft LLC. Alarm Sentinel is a trademark of Dimension Software Inc.

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