News: Omicron’s David Soll recognized as PI Geek by OSIsoft’s PI Developer’s Club on PI Square

David Soll is the Chief PI Geek (CPG) of Omicron Development, LLC. He is responsible for the overall technical direction and technology solution set provided by long-time partner Omicron. He began working with the PI system from Oil Systems Inc. when everyone thought this was a lubrication system, in the days when PC-networking and graphics were emerging technologies. (Yes, there were such days for those of us old enough to remember.) David has followed the development of PI and OSIsoft ever since, and has helped many major clients adopt and extend PI's capabilities beyond their dreams - and sometimes his own! To know more about David, “sign up for updates” from his Blog on PI Square.

David F. Soll - Chief Technology Officer

Omicron Development, LLC
2009 Old Cuthbert Road
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

e. | p. +1 (609) 330-7147 | f. +1 (609) 678-0404

What is the PI Developers Club?

The PI Developers Club (PI DevClub) is an online offering that provides resources for extending PI System capabilities beyond what comes out of the box. PI DevClub can be considered the next version of OSIsoft Virtual Campus, and offers members-only and public features. The public and member-exclusive features include supported discussion forums, a comprehensive development PI System, facilitated training, documentation, technical content, and access to the community. While the bulk of activity takes place in PI Square, the OSIsoft online community, customers with active Software Reliance Program (SRP) can use phone and email to initiate support cases on development issues as well. PI DevClub is intended to facilitate communication and collaboration on PI System programming and integration between OSIsoft partners, customers, employees and 3rd parties. To see how you can join the club refer to this document.

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